Thu, Mar 08, 2007

Download Litestar Open 9.02.13 for free

Ruud Lighting Europe in association with Oxy-Tech, give our costumers the possibility to download for free the lighting design tool Litestar Open 9.02.13 and use the photometrics of our products.

The software is available in the section “Software Download” on
LITESTAR 9 Suite is a lighting design tool that gives you the possibility to do road calculations, analyse and compare interior and exterior calculation results and make 3D renderings. To be able to use the program, just download the software and follow the instructions in the installation file.

The Ruud Lighting Europe plug-in is activated as Ready to Use and after downloading the software, it is possible to download the Ruud Lighting photometrics.

Download Litestar Open 9.02.13